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The image banners and text ads that appear on the FreePlaySolitaire website are all delivered by Google Adwords. Here is an example of some text adverts supplied by Google:

and here's an example of a 728 x 90 pixel image advert:

FreePlaySolitaire has no control over what adverts Google supplies to our website. Google scans the words on our pages and decides what adverts might be suitable based on our content and the keywords that the advertisers have chosen for their ads. You will probably see adverts related to Spider Solitaire games displayed on our Spider Solitaire page and Klondike Solitaire games advertised on our Klondike page. Google's system is pay-per-click which is where an advertiser bids on specific keywords and sets the maximum amount they're willing to pay when someone clicks on their advert. The higher they bid the more often their adverts are likely to appear. The click price all depends on how popular a particular keyword is and how many competitors are also bidding on that particular keyword. A typical cost-per-click is in the range of 15c to 25c for a fairly specific group of words such as "Klondike Solitaire;" and might be 50c or more for a very popular generic word such as "Game". You set the price based on your budget and how often you want your adverts to display.

Usually an advertiser creates an advert in Google Adwords, bids on a particular keyword, for example the word "Solitaire" and then lets Google choose which solitaire related sites to display the advert on. However, you can also select specific websites for your advert to appear.

If you would like to advertise on then you should sign up for a free Google Adwords account and create a new campaign that targets "" as a "Managed Placement". You can do this under the "Networks" tab of your campaign. Try using the Placement Tool there. Please refer to Google Adword's online help files after logging onto your account if you're unsure how to do this.

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